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We specialize in:

Company & Celebrity Branding  //  Media Marketing //  Music Production // Video Production 

Artist Developement & Management  // Graphic Design // Photography ​// Image Styling

Planning. Branding. Promotion
Event Promotions

Let Unidec promote and create a one-of-a-kind event that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. Wether its a concert, release party, music seminars, workshops, corporate or non-profit event, we will help you plan and produce amazing social experiences. Our goal is to exceed our client’s and thier guests expectations!

Event Development

We specialize in event development, management, design, creative and concept services, promotions, corporate meetings and events, sponsorship, media / broadcast development and convention services


Event Development Components include:

  • event decoration

  • guest database management

  • email marketing

  • social media advertising

  • website development

  • sponsorship management

  • public relations 

  • print media

  • materials and signage

  • on-site and online registration










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