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Company & Celebrity Branding  //  Media Marketing //  Music Production // Event Promotion

Video Production // Artist Developement & Management  // Graphic Design // Image Styling

We Specialize in the following Services:

Artist Developement & Management Service

Talent Booking &  Concert Promotions

Unidec/JBent talent and promotions department specializes in booking the talents of independent & professional musicians for midwest and national 

contracts. We represent a wide range of incredibly talented artists, musicians, bands and DJs, both new and legendary. When choosing an entertainment consultant  for you next event , Unidec/JBent is your one source for all your concert promotion 

initiatives! We can assist you in selecting the ideal artist(s) for your next event.

Career & Talent Management

Unidec's management division is a full service talent and artist management company, based primarily on the ability to manage carees, book gigs, license music, promote bands and solicit material for music placement and to guide the careers and opportunities for an elite roster of emerging and acclaimed artists, bands, songwriters, producers and beatmakers. Our mission is to assit your music carreer by helping you GET PAID for your music by offering artist development, licensing & sync representation for commercial production, event PROMOTIONAL creative planning & execution.



Artist Brand Developement

Our Artist  Brand Development department was created to help artists and bands gain a competitive edge in a very CONGESTED industry. representing an elite roster of emerging and acclaimed artists, we provide a way to get your music and your artist brand to stand out from the rest. Unidec's Artist Development services are composed of several music industry veterans. From industry professionals, record producers, to concert promoters, artist managers and A&R representatives to help guide your path. We want your artist brand to be noticed.

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