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We specialize in:

Company & Celebrity Branding  //  Media Marketing //  Music Production // Video Production 

Artist Developement & Management  // Graphic Design // Photography ​// Image Styling

Filming. Producing. Editing.
Video Production

Whether in the studio or on-site, Unidec can aid you in every step of the video filming, production, and editing process. From commercial broadcast, advertisements, music videos, to video content for the web. Our videographers and producers will guide your project from concept, through shooting, editing and post-production.

Video Production & Composition


Video for the Web

Multi-media on your website can help improve your branding and search engine optimization (SEO). Unidec can create or convert custom media for the web; including music, podcasts, streaming videos and downloadable content that can be incorporated into your website or intranet.



Video Music Composition

Some of our customers need background instrumental, sound design, or music soundtracks for their video or gaming projects; we offer songwriting, composition, & arrangement services to help them.  Whether you need an original instrumentation for your movie scene, custom music designed theme song, or a arrangement for the bed in a broadcast advertisement, our producers can help you by writing and recording music to meet your needs.

Commercials & Trailers
Music Videos
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